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This Committee needs new members!

Do you want something published with in or out side the church about a church function. The communications committeee in partnership with the Pastor Lisa created the following form to ensure that your event is represented the way you want it to be presented. Please note that all requests need to be submitted TWO WEEKS PRIOR to publishing beginning date.

The vision of the Communications Committee is to make the ministries and worship of our church as visible and welcoming as possible to the people of the community.

  1. We communicate the church’s vision and mission to the public via media (newspapers, advertising media, radio and television, signs)

  2. Build community within the church by providing information the congregation needs to make informed decisions via print and electronic media (newsletters, brochures, flyers, displays, audiovisual, the website)

  3. Promote opportunities and resources by assisting church ministry groups in promoting events and services

  4. Maintain two-way communications with the congregation and the community by developing a communication plan

Chair -

Do you see something that need to be edited?

Please contact Rachael Coddington (970) 249-3716

Refrence: "Communication"

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