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Board of Trustees Update – April 11, 2018

With 2018 off to an exciting and busy year for the Board of Trustees at Montrose United Methodist Church, we want to make sure we are keeping the congregation informed about everything. Here are some projects for 2018:

  • Adopt-A-Block project is complete thanks to your generous donations! You may remember a break-in from the windows in the Quad area from last fall. To improve security for all, we have put square glass block in all of our garden level windows in the Quad. The Adopt – A- Block fund raised $5,320 in 30 days, combined with other previously designated funds for Safety and Security, we completed the project costing $10,640. Our Quad area is now complete with the rear door near the Pastor’s office being replaced by a steel security door and our glass blocks. Thank you for your contributions to help us complete this project.
  • ADA Compliant Bathrooms – This project will bring our basement bathrooms into compliance with the American Disabilities Act. This project, along with the other areas of the Church were identified from an internal assessment on handicapped accessibility in our building. We hope this project will begin in early May and the estimated cost is approximately $35,000. This project will be paid for out of the Capital Expenditures/Building Fund which you make generous donations to each year to assist with longer term building maintenance.
  • Water Main Break – About two weeks ago we had a water break in the alley by Baldridge Hall, caused by a condition of rotten pipe. The break allowed us to learn we are not in compliance with city code for this section of pipe. When the section of pipe was laid, the line was OK and within code. However, as codes have changed over the last 20 plus years, we will now have to separate our domestic water from our fire suppression line. (Please feel free to talk to anyone from Trustees, or me, John Pavlich – Chair, for more information). With a three month deadline to fix this code violation, we have begun with fixing the break in the line (Approximately $5,000). We currently have a pipe brining water to our fire suppression system which may break in another place at any time. The Board is now doing a risk assessment to determine the cost of replacing the entire old line (perhaps in excess of $50,000), and the potential for a larger break and possible flooding with repair and construction costs that would well exceed $50,000. The Board will be discussing this issue/project at our April 17th meeting.

Please feel free to contact the Board or myself. We appreciate your care and concerns for our church buildings. Our goal is to have well maintained, safe and beautiful buildings for years to come.

Yours in Christ, who is with you and all of us always,

John Pavlich

Chair, Board of Trustees


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