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A Letter to my Beloved Church

A Letter to my Beloved Church
This changes nothing. Some of you have been following the news, or perhaps even the live feed of the Special Session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church. Yesterday, February 26, 2019 – the elected delegates, lay and clergy alike, voted to pass the Traditional Plan for the future of the United Methodist Church. This plan was NOT recommended by the Commission on the Way Forward, nor the Council of Bishops, or our Western Jurisdiction. This plan was written and proposed over the past 6 months and every revision of this plan has been deemed unconstitutional by the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church.  This plan prohibits UMC clergy from performing same-sex weddings, holding these unions in our churches, and prohibits these children of God from full inclusion in the body of Christ as pertaining to the clergy body. 
Let me be very clear with my words to you all. This changes nothing. These are already restrictions in place by our Book of Discipline. However, we have continued to ordain our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters over the past 30+ years. This changes nothing for how we operate as a church; who I am as your pastor and who each of you are as beloved community. WE are still the church! We are still called to love and include and be the living presence of Christ in the world. As long as I am your pastor, we will include who “the church” now seeks to exclude. We will be the church in Montrose, who we’ve always been called to be: “Joyfully seeking to love all, serve all, and share Jesus Christ with the world.” The World! What God has claimed and called, we will not unclaim or uncall. What God loves, we will not unlove. Who God included, we will not exclude. Who God forgives, we will forgive. We are the body of Christ.
As the body of Christ, we are broken, but we are not broken without reconciliation, or hope, or resurrection.
This Sunday at 6 p.m. I will open the Sanctuary for those of you who would like to further process the events of this past week. I will have as much information as I can for you about the events as they unfolded on the floor of conference, AND we will have time for questions and concerns you each have. We will also have time for prayer, for our denomination, for those whom the church has harmed in Christ’s name, and for the vision of the church we seek to build together. I hope you’ll join me as we live into being a new church, who will not cower in fear, nor exclude in practice, but will throw its doors open in order to love a broken world.
I hope to see you in worship on Sunday as we celebrate the transfiguration of Christ and hope for the transformation of the church. In the meantime, breathe and know that God is still Good.
Grace and peace to each of you,
Pastor Lisa



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